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How to Choose the Right Commercial Roofing Company?

As a commercial property owner, it’s important to do your homework before choosing a roofing company to carry out maintenance, repairs or new installations. To help you choose a company that has the experience, knowledge and professionalism for the job, we recommend you consider the following criteria.

Checking reviews

One of the best ways to get a feel for a company is to read through its testimonials. When individuals or organisations haven’t received a good quality service, it’s highly likely they would have followed up with a review, letting the company in question know where and how they were let down. Of course, if they’ve received a good service they’re likely to drop positive feedback on Google, Facebook or an online directory, and we recommend you have a look at a company’s testimonials on the web before you make a decision on which firm you should hire.

Read up on their history

If you choose a commercial roofing company that has been in business for many years or even decades, it’s likely that the firm has a proven track record, which is why it’s still going strong today. This is not to say that new companies are not highly skilled, however, by searching for an established firm, you can improve your chances of finding a reputable and reliable commercial roofing contractor.


Many companies will showcase its certifications online, and you’ll see on our website we’ve added our ‘Kingspan Insulated Panels’ and ‘Firesafe’ accreditations to our homepage. These show that we source our products from leading manufacturers to construct commercial roofs that are strong, reliable, safe and durable.


This is another important check, and most companies will have a portfolio section where they add photographs of their latest jobs. These can give you an idea on how the finished result will look, whilst you’ll also get an inkling into the level of service you’re likely to receive.


Having a dedicated contact is very important and your time should be respected. It’s important to be able to stay in the loop and ask any questions about the job, and a professional commercial roofing firm will often ensure you have a main point of contact at all times, keeping you up to date on your roofing assets.


All professional roofing contractors and companies should be frank and up front with their location, and by choosing a company that is local to you gives you more opportunities to find other firms who have worked with them in the past. This is just another way to verify the reviews you’ve read online, and by discussing how a project went with another company, you can get entirely honest feedback. You can also check whether their location on their website matches up on Google and other search engines and directories.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can improve your chances of finding a reliable and professional commercial roofing company like Durasteel.

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